Each day thousands enjoy the benefits of using the EZOff Jar Opener. Here is what a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

  • I bought one of these for my 83 year old mother who has arthritis and very little strength in her hands and wrists. I was constantly opening bottles for her including medicine bottles with the child proof caps, pickle jars, ammonia cleaner, and drain cleaner. I became concerned when she then stored the opened cleaners under her sink with the lids loosely on top. I was worried a spill would occur, which could have been deadly. Fortunately, I came across your product on line. What a life saver!! It really, really, works. Like a charm. My mother now looks forward to opening all sorts of bottles/jars she was never to open before! I am so glad I bought one of these for myself as well! It's conveniently stuck up under my cabinet, out of sight, but always there for everything from hot fudge stuck lids, nail polish caps, medicine, and even bottles of soda of all sizes! Thankyou for this absolutely wonderful product. (Yes, I was skeptical, but my fears were unfounded!) 
    - Kobie / Hanover, PA

  • My jar opener arrived today and I love it - you can't see it under my counter because there is a piece of moulding to hide undercounter lighting. Great product - I will recommend! 
    - Paula

  • We received the jar opener this afternoon, and installed it immediately, and used it immediately on a jar of pickles. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it is very difficult for me to open all jars. This product works wonderfully, and now my wife Linda and I have an easy time of it. The EZOFF jar opener should be in every household. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 
    - Allyn and Linda

  • "A friend of mine gave me an EZOff Jar Opener and I don't know what I ever did without it." 
    - Louise Mares

  • This magic invention arrived this afternoon and I was able to open a jar of pickled cucumbers that has been staring at me for some weeks now. I am elated and delighted and recommend it to anyone who has difficulty in opening jars. I have tried other devices to open jars but alas without success. This innovative invention is quite remarkable. It was sent all the way to me in South Africa for which I am truly grateful! 
    - Martin F Marx

  • "Please send me more EZOff Jar Openers. I have used the product for several years, and I ran out of extras for gifts. Thank you for making lid opening so easy." 
    - C. Massie

  • "A friend gave me an EZOff Jar Opener for Christmas, and I can't live without it! It is a "must" in our household and should be in every household." 
    - Francis H. High

  • "I am 76 years old, and I can not cook without your lid opener! It makes a great gift also." 
    - Ruby M. Hankins

  • "My mother went into assisted living in Phoenix. I noticed she did not have an EZOff Jar Opener so I sent her one. She tells me it's the best gift an older woman can get. My husband likes ours because I never have to ask him to open a jar or bottle for me. It really is my best kitchen helper. Thank you." 
    - Shirley J. Ackerman

  • "Just wanted to let you know my mom loves the jar opener I purchased from you. She says it is the best one she has used yet. Thanks for the quick service and shipping. Will let everyone know about your product and the best part it is made in the USA. Thanks!" 
    - Rachelle W.

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